"SLM is a Small Business Committed to Quality Work, Fair Pricing, and Punctuality"

Angie's List Memeber
Old roof replaced and new roof installed

I chose SLM Residential Roofing for a new roof earlier this summer. The price was not the cheapest of the 3 bids I received, but the low bid was suspiciously low, and the owner of SLM, Barrett Blow's presentation at my house was definitely the most professional. I had seen a large number of high grades for SLM on Angie's List, so I was comfortable choosing them. The communications throughout the entire process was excellent. They had a crew of at one point 11 guys, and removed the old roof and installed the new roof in one day, minimizing the chance of a freak thunderstorm while the roof is exposed. I did have some flashing which I didn't think looked as nice as should be expected, and they corrected this promptly to my satisfaction. Where Barrett really went above and beyond concerned my classic car in the garage. There in no interior ceiling in the detached garage, and I needed to store my car somewhere during the day the crew would be working. At Barrett's suggestion, he cleaned out half the garage at his own house, so he could take his own car out of his own storage unit and park it at home. I stored my car in his own storage unit during the roofing work. He drove me home from/to the storage unit to make this happen. That is customer service!
Angie's List Memeber
They replaced our roof.

Out of the quotes that I got from multiple companies, this is the only one that came to the house with samples and brochures to talk us through our options. They were very professional and got the job done right and in just one day! I would definitely hire them again!
Robert Vaughan
Our 33 year old roof started leaking during a heavy rainstorm, coming through the sheetrock. We called SLM and Barrett Blow, the owner, promptly returned our call. When he heard how water was pouring in, he came over quickly. He showed us how to place a tarp on the roof to prevent further damage. Since we had a serious leak, he gave us priority service.

Barrett took his time showing us options and explaining the advantages and disadvantages of each. He did not try to sell us the most expensive roof or things we didn't need. He explained why he used a particular product such as a better grade of felt, and also explained that he used six nails per shingle instead of the regular four so the roof had substantially higher wind resistance. He insists on hand-hammering the nails for a better seal. Barrett show us other roofs done sloppily and they were sagging and drooping. He answered all of our questions thoroughly and patiently. When I had more questions, he again returned my call promptly and explained his answers in detail, making sure I was satisfied. He was patient and helpful as we chose the color of our new shingles.

He gave us a very detailed estimate which was more than fair. We were happy to sign the contract.

The rain continued and Barrett finally saw a possible window to get the roof done. Because the weather was iffy at best, he waited until the very morning for a go-no go decision. He decided he and his crew could get the roof done. Additionally, he would remove and replace the roof in sections so that if rain did come, most of the house would be covered.

He and his crew arrived promptly and the guys set to work. There was no goofing off or breaks. One man cleaned up as others removed and replaced shingles like a roofing machine. It began to rain around noon, so the team took a lunch break. Just as they finished it began to let up so they returned to work even though it was still drizzling. They were meticulously careful of my landscaping.

They finished up by late afternoon. Everything was spotlessly clean and they went over the lawn and driveway several times to make sure no nails were left. Barrett conducted his own inspection and ordered a slight adjustment to one vent. Everything was perfect.

The new roof successfully withstood a very heavy, windy storm the next week.

We were so pleased that we had him install gutter guards also. Again, the crew arrived promptly and worked solidly, finishing quickly. The quality of the work is excellent.

Don't bother checking with other roofers. SLM is the one you want to do your roof. Barrett treats each customer as he would want to be treated and he makes you a friend as well as a customer. He cares.
05/15/2017 Linda S.
Excellent. Mr. Blow and his team came out immediately and repaired the problem to our satisfaction.

Category: Roofing
Services Performed: Yes
The Woodlands, TX 77384
05/10/2017 Bruce H.
Barrett was extremely easy to work with. Communications were great and the installation was
completed quickly and expertly. He offered me several options and prices and explained the pros and
cons of each. A+ work.

Category: Roofing
Services Performed: Yes
Cost: $820
Spring, TX 77379
03/29/2017 Sue L.
Category: Roofing
Services Performed: Yes
The Woodlands, TX 77381
01/30/2017 Cathy S.
Excellent customer service and a great job. I had a leak and then several shingles blew off during
our wind storm on a Sunday. After finally getting an ok from my insurance company I called them Friday
and they weren't sure they could get to me because of several jobs already in progress. They would completely understand if I called others because if it rained I would have major problems. Richard came out late Friday afternoon and there was more damage than I realized. After talking with the owner Barrett Blow, they were able to come out Saturday morning. Very professional, very considerate, very courteous. I was given more than one option as to what could be done. It is wonderful to work with people like this and I definitely recommend them to anyone!!!! I could not be happier. Thank you SLM Residential Roofing and all involved!!

Category: Roofing
Services Performed: Yes
Cost: $1500
Houston, TX 77066

12/15/2016 Christopher K.
Fantastic. I have used Barrett at SLM a few times and he always delivers superior service as
promised. His quote is always the actual cost as well.

Category: Gutter Repair & Replacement
Services Performed: Yes
Cost: $792
Spring, TX 77386
12/13/2016 James C.
Very good Mr Blow was courteous and professional

Category: Roofing
Services Performed: Yes
Cost: $14300
Oak Ridge North, TX 77385
09/26/2016 Alfred C.
I called SLM number and left a voice mail within a few minutes Barrett (the owner) returned my call
and we discussed my situation. He explained that they did roof repairs on Thursday's and Friday's and
his assistant would contact me later that day to get contact information. She called later that day. Repairs were scheduled for Friday. Barrett and his 2 man crew arrived on the dot. The vent were inspected as well as the roof in general. Barrett explained his findings so that I could make an informed decision. I decided to have 8 roof plumbing vents replaced with some roof maintenance. I appreciated not having a complete roof replacement pushed on me. Barrett explained the ins and the outs and I felt comfortable with my decision. I can say that I have always had the best luck when dealing with a hands on business owner because it's apparent that customer relationships based on credibility are important . Roof was repaired, crew was professional. I am very pleased with SLMs work, punctuality and professionalism. I did not shop prices for this.

Category: Roofing
Services Performed: Yes
Cost: $1300
Conroe, TX 77304
09/12/2016 Lynn B.
Never got past the initial phone call - he asked lots of questions about my insurance claim, whether
it was approved, how much it was approved for, etc. Then told me he didn't need to come out to look at
it because he used an app to estimate - I guess I am old school - how can you estimate work if you don't even access the work to be done? It all sounded very suspect to me so I did not engage them for the work.

Category: Roofing
Services Performed: No
Cost: $8000
Houston, TX 77007
08/29/2016 William L.

Category: Roofing
Services Performed: Yes
Conroe, TX 77384
08/20/2016 Maureen F.
He and his crew arrived on the day and time expected...his team worked hard with very little down
time..and they left the work area clean and neat. They were back the next day ready to work and it was
the same story!..when I came home that night I was surprised to find the gutter guards were not put on...found out my 5 inch gutter guards would not fit on my 6" gutters. It seemed my gutters were upgraded in error and the guards did not fit. Barrett said no problem he would order new 6" gutter guards...no more money..apologized for the mistake and the delay...within a week I had new gutter guards, new gutters, and the roof had been cleaned and spot repaired. They did a great job, I could not have asked for more. The company and their workers are great and I highly recommend them. Thank you all!

Category: Gutter Repair & Replacement, Roofing
Services Performed: Yes
Cost: $3750
Houston, TX 77069
08/14/2016 Steve W.
Barrett and his team did an incredible job, they were on time and the workmanship was impeccable.
After the job was complete they picked up ALL of the trash and nails and nothing was out of place. I
would recommend them to anyone that was looking to replace a roof, and would be happy to talk to anyone that would like to hear about our experience. This is a 5 STAR Company

Category: Roofing
Services Performed: Yes
Cypress, TX 77429
08/11/2016 Wayne S.
SLM Residential Roofing is top notch. Barrett Blow and his team are highly effective and do a great
job. As an out of town rental property owner, I needed someone to take care of a property roof, and be
able to trust them to do a good job. Barrett and his crew did a great job, on time and at a fair price. What more could you ask for? Highly recommended. I was sent photos of the job during and after. The renter comment that I had chosen a great company and they were highly please.

Category: Roofing
Services Performed: Yes
Cost: $6000
La Grange, TX 78945
08/04/2016 Christopher M.
Called on 07/18, and was told repairs are done on Thursdays, and that the 21st was booked, so it
would be the 28th. On the 27th, received a call from a lady (Andrea?) advising that due to recent rains
they were backed up, but she could confirm me for 08/04. On 08/04, after I called and left a voicemail to confirm the schedule, I received a call from Mr. Barrett Blow, who informed me that they have too much replacement roof work, and have cancelled all repair work for the next 2-3 months. This is completely unprofessional. If they can't communicate and pay attention to details when accepting and scheduling work, how good can the actual work performed be

Category: Roofing
Services Performed: No
Houston, TX 77007
08/03/2016 Beverly B.

Category: Roofing
Services Performed: Yes
Farmington, UT 84025
07/27/2016 Ken M.
Pretty good, I had a problem they took care of it more than fairly so I can't say anything bad about
them. They didn't get it right the first time they had to come back and do it twice to get it right. Just a
little more control over the sub contractors that he was doing the work for but he had no control over that.

Category: Gutter Repair & Replacement
Services Performed: Yes
Cost: $349
Atascocita, TX 77346
06/30/2016 Joe C.
All the work was performed in a professional manner. Everything went well. The 2 man crew knew
what they were doing. Mr. Barrett Blow stayed on the site until all work was completed and the area
cleaned up. He then did a walk through inspection. I got a quality roof repair job at a good price.

Category: Roofing
Services Performed: Yes
Cost: $800
Spring, TX 77386
06/24/2016 Dan B.
I had hail damage and needed a new roof. I researched all of the local companies in my area
reading reviews, etc. and chose 3 for bids that had exceptional records. I was most impressed by the
reviews from SLM Roofing, so I was happy when Barrett, the owner, responded promptly. As other reviewers noted, his wasn't the lowest bid, but it was the most detailed and professional. Barrett has the heart of a teacher, and he patiently walked me through all aspects of building a quality roof, even though I had done roofing in my teens. He told me what to watch for, and good questions to ask the other roofers. In the end, it was an easy choice to go with SLM, and they estimated they could start work in 3 weeks. They were ready a week early even with all of the rain we've had. His crews showed up early each day and worked until dark. They finished my large home with steep roofs in 2 days and the roof is beautiful. My attics and garages are also 10 degrees cooler at least with the improved ventilation. There were two big things that impressed me about Barrett. First, for each aspect of the roof, he offered a low, middle, and premium cost version. His low cost was very high quality and it went up from there. When we got to the end, I asked Barrett what he would do based on our budget and all of the options, and I really like where he helped us spend extra money to get higher quality, and where he suggested we save money in a few areas to stay on budget. He thought of all kinds of variables that I would never think of including types of trees in the yard, leaves falling, sun, etc. The second thing was even more impressive. As the roof was being completed late on the 2nd day, Barrett was walking around doing his own inspection and he noted that some of the ventilation was not according to his plan. I wouldn't have noticed had he not pointed it out. It was late, so Barrett came and apologized for the error, and said the crews needed to come out early the next day to make it right. He took responsibility for the error and didn't blame his people. 9 out of 10 contractors would have left this situation since it wasn't noticeable, and almost all of them would have blamed someone else. In the end, we have a beautiful roof that people keep stopping to look at on the road, and we have cooler temperatures inside. The work was exactly to the estimate for costs, and it was completed a week ahead of schedule. I couldn't be happier.

Category: Roofing
Services Performed: Yes
Cost: $18000
Magnolia, TX 77354
06/04/2016 Emile S.
Very prompt and professional service. Communicated well even during weather delays.

Category: Roofing
Services Performed: Yes
Cost: $475
Spring, TX 77379
05/20/2016 Blake C.
I highly recommend SLM Residential Roofing. They do great work! Very professional. Completed the
work on time and cleaned up everything. The price they quoted is exactly what I had to pay.

Category: Roofing
Services Performed: Yes
Cost: $15000
Unknown, TX 77073
05/05/2016 Sara Hoyle
Barrett was responsive, on time, polite , professional and knowledgeable. He explained what
needed to be done, and answered all my questions.

Category: Roofing
Services Performed: Yes
Cost: $1000
Spring, TX 77379
04/25/2016 Rita P.
The crew arrived early each day. They all wore company shirts so neighbors knew who belonged on the work site. They worked 3 straight days and did a fabulous job. Crew members were courteous. Barrett, the owner followed the estimate to a tee. He was professional and checked on the crew daily to insure quality work was being performed. There were no surprises. Only the wonderful new look of the roof. GAF really is a great product. The architectural shingles are nice.

Description of work:
Installed GAF Timberline HD Architectural shingle with StainGuard roof. Installed Bullet Boots on plumping pipe vents. Installed GAF Cobra 3 exhaust ridge vent to all ridges. Installed GAF Z ridge and hip cap shingles to all ridge caps and hips. Ventilation on the garage building was added. All roofing products were fastened using hand driven nails. All debris was removed from property and hauled away. Area was magnetically swept for residual nails and metals after roof install.

Overall: A
Price: A
Quality: A
Responsiveness: A
Punctuality: A
Professionalism: A
Category: Roofing
Services Performed: Yes
Cost: $20000
Work Completed Date: 02/15/2016
Hire Again: Yes
Rita P.
The Woodlands, TX 77382

04/12/2016 Allison P.

Overall: A
Price: N/A
Quality: N/A
Responsiveness: N/A
Punctuality: N/A
Professionalism: N/A
Category: Roofing
Services Performed: Yes
Cost: $99
Work Completed Date: 12/13/2014
Hire Again: Yes
Allison P.
Houston, TX 77014

04/11/2016 Phil M.
I have used Barrett's company on several occasions on two different houses. When I cam home after a trip and discovered rodent evidence in the house - rats droppings - I called a pest control company. The pest control company checked the house out (for the second time in about a year) and said they could not find any entry ways and suggested I set traps in the attic. I did this. Then went on another trip. Returned to find even more evidence though I could not find an obvious entry point. Therefore, I assumed it might be the new flashing work SLM had done less than a year earlier. Barrett and his crew came out, inspected the flashing and work they had done and found a likely entry point for rats that the pest guy could not see (he had not gotten on the roof like they did). Barrett then left and said no charge. However, he then came across another client who had had a similar experience and got a recommendation from that owner and passed it on to me. I called the recommended company and they came out to seal the house even better than before and put a 12 month guarantee on my house being rodent free.

Barrett did not charge me for the visit and he went even went out of his way to find a solution for me. That is excellent service.

Description of work:
Barrett and his team came back to check on a possible issue with previous roofing work only to discover that my problem had nothing to do with their work. However, they went the extra mile and discovered the source of my problem and then helped me find a better solution and they did this at no cost.

Overall: A
Price: A
Quality: A
Responsiveness: A
Punctuality: A
Professionalism: A
Category: Roofing
Services Performed: Yes
Cost: $0
Work Completed Date: 03/16/2016
Hire Again: Yes
Phil M.
The Woodlands, TX 77381

04/04/2016 Byron D.

This was one of the best experiences, and maybe the best, I've had in home repairs. Replacing a roof cannot be a fun way to spend your money, but it is a necessary expense in home ownership. Barrett Blow at SLM made it as pleasant as possible. This man clearly cares that his client is happy. His presentation was the best of four bidders I interviewed. He gave me an impressive array of brochures from G A F Roofing. His bid was completely detailed so I could see what was included and upgrades with additional costs. He explained exactly what was to be done. The other roofers basically bid it with nothing more than the total cost. He was not the lowest bid, but I liked his professionalism. That proved to be absolutely correct. His crew showed up on time and finished the job in a timely manner. He kept me informed daily. The roof is beautiful. He cleaned up the outside to perfection. The only damage wad to a bush and sprinkler head which they told me about when it happened and fixed it without delay. I was simply amazed at that level of caring. This is a large home (7000 sq. feet) with very steep roofs. I was told that this was the largest single family home they had done. I am completely happy. I've always believed in getting several bids, and this was no exception. But I hope I can save you some time in this process. I would recommend getting 3-4 bids. Then look closely at each presentation. Compare each part of roofing, from drip edge to ridge rows and see what is included. I went to the GAF website to see what the parts of a roof are to help me, since $34,000 is a lot of money. Among other things, I learned that GAF offers 3 lifetime warranties. I chose a better warranty at a nominal additional cost which required that your roofing company be a GAF Certified Roofer, which SLM is. After researching I concluded that SLM was the best. I was not wrong. You may find a cheaper roofer, but not a better one.

Description of work:
Replaced roof

Overall: A
Price: A
Quality: A
Responsiveness: A
Punctuality: A
Professionalism: A
Category: Roofing
Services Performed: Yes
Cost: $34000
Work Completed Date: 04/04/2016
Hire Again: Yes
Byron D.
Spring, TX 77380

03/30/2016 Gene S.

Price: A
Quality: A
Responsiveness: A
Punctuality: A
Professionalism: A
Category: Roofing
Services Performed: Yes
Cost: $375
Work Completed Date: 03/29/2016
Hire Again: Yes
Gene S.
The Woodlands, TX 77383

Linda K. 3/2/2016

"Barrett was very courteous and knowledgeable. He was on time to the appointment and took care of the problem very well and quickly. I would use his service again."

Company Response:
Thank you for taking the time to leave SLM a review here on Angie's List and all "A's".
100% Homeowner Satisfaction is our #1 GOAL.
Our motto is, "SLM is a Small Business Committed to Quality Work, Fair Pricing and Punctuality."
Please call SLM Residential Roofing LLC anytime you have roofing or gutter needs.
I love my Job!!!!

Katrina P. 3/1/2016
"My dad and I cut down some tree limbs and discovered that they had rubbed through the shingles and the bare roof was exposed. I called two roofers from Angie's List and Barrett was the first to respond. He and his crew were on their way to another job near my home, but did not know how long it would take. He assured me that they would be able to come out the next day to fix the problem. The job they were on their way to finished early, and Barrett called me to see if they could come assess the problem. His crew beat him to my house and they were up on the roof checking things out by the time he got there. They quickly assessed the problem, communicated their findings on the roof by texting images of what they saw, and completed the work in less than an hour. Barrett communicated well with me, especially since I did not know much about roofing. They had some shingles on hand, and although they did not match my current shingles, I didn't mind because I was concerned about the elements causing more damage (also, only the airplanes overhead could see them, so it wasn't a big deal). The team also did a quick inspection of my roof and pounded in any nails they saw that had come up and sealed some of the pipes coming out of the roof. I was very happy with the quickness and professionalism displayed. I will use this roofer again."

Company Response:
Thank you for the great comments and the grades. SLM understands the importance of getting a possible leaking roof repaired ASAP. Repairs are one of our specialties. My repair tech Michael has been with me since 2008 and between the two of us we find, diagnose and repair leaking roofs on the spot, first visit and report any other issues you may have on your roof or gutters.

Our #1 GOAL is 100% Homeowner SATISFACTION.
Our motto is, "SLM is a Small Business Committed to Quality Work, Fair Pricing and Punctuality."
Please call SLM Residential Roofing LLC anytime you have roofing or gutter needs.

Nancy K. 2/16/2016
"I am very happy with all the services performed and how the finished product looks. Only high quality materials were used. Owner, Mr. Barrett Blow was very professional. I can't say enough about how accommodating Mr. Blow was with my schedule and with helpful advice. His experienced crew was fast and efficient. Mr. Blow was on sight often managing the roofing job and cleanup. I can highly recommend their services. "

Company Response: You were a pleasure to work with! Thank You for joining Angie's List and taking the time to leave us a review. My best advertising is based on Homeowners like yourself, word of mouth. It is very easy for any company to tout how great they are? The real test is the finished product! As the owner of a small business the most important aspect and SLM's primary goal of staying in business is 100% HOMEOWNER SATISFACTION.

Thank you again and we really appreciate you for trusting SLM Residential Roofing LLC with your Roof replacement and for taking the time to tell other Angie's List members about the experience you had with us.
Our motto is, "SLM is a Small Business Committed to Quality Work, Fair Pricing and Punctuality."
Please call SLM Residential Roofing LLC anytime you have roofing or gutter needs.

JoAnne C. 1/25/2016
"Mr. Barrett and his crew was professional, prompt and honest with their concerns. I would definitely recommend his company to others and will use his company in the near future!"

Company Response:
"Professional, Prompt, and Honest"
Very nice, thank you for the kind words.
As the owner of a small business in a very competitive market I believe these qualities are why we are successful and will continue to grow.
Thanks again for all "A's" Our motto is, "SLM is a Small Business Committed to Quality Work, Fair Pricing and Punctuality." Please call me anytime you have roofing or gutter needs

Doug G. 1/22/2016

"Bought the 100' gutter deal, and was just a hair over. Everything was smooth. On the install they knocked it out very fast. Looks great on the house. Were ready for some down pours to test them out."

Company Response: Thank you so much for working with us and taking the time to leave a review on Angie's List! Our motto is, "SLM is a Small Business Committed to Quality Work, Fair Pricing and Punctuality." Please call me anytime you have roofing or gutter needs.

Adan S. - 1/22/2016

"They installed 6" gutters in the back of my house. They did a wonderful job and communicated with me the whole way through. I am picky and expect attention to detail and they did not disappoint. Will recommend them to all my friends well worth the price."

Company Response: Thank you for the great review!! It's all about the Small details.... When a Homeowner realizes the true value in not only the work we performed but the QUALITY of work and the small details for a FAIR competitive PRICE and then tells others about it, it's PRICELESS, THANK YOU!!! I'm committed to treat every job as if I were working on my own House and I treat every Homeowner the way I want to be treated. Our Motto: "SLM is a Small Business committed to Quality Work, Fair pricing and Punctuality. Thanks again

Marc B. 1/22/2016

"These guys are great. They charged $500 to fix a leak that other companies could not even find. Others wanted to change thousands to replace an entire section of the roof. The SLM guys came, found the leak, and fixed the roof right then and there for a reasonable price. Do yourself a favor and call them first."

Company Response: Thanks for the Kudos. We specialize in roof leak detection / repair / replacements and guarantee the results. Please call on SLM for all of your roofing or gutter needs in the future. Our Motto: "SLM is a Small Business committed to Quality Work, Fair pricing and Punctuality.

Margarita E. 1/18/2016
I am very pleased with the installation of Gutters on my home.

Company Response:
Thank you for the "A" review, I'm glad you're pleased with your new Gutters and with SLM. Our #1 Goal is Homeowner satisfaction.
Our Motto: "SLM is a Small Business committed to Quality Work, Fair pricing and Punctuality.
Alan G. 12/25/2015
"Installed new gutters and down spouts on whole house. Excellent work and very professional |Barrett Blow is very professional, very competitive and I would use him again whenever I have a need fir his services. I highly recommend his company."

Company Response:
All "A's", perfect! Thank you very much and thank you for the nice comments.

At SLM we understand there is competition out there. I'm glad you saw the true value in not only the work we performed but the QUALITY of work performed for a FAIR competitive PRICE. I'm committed to treat every job as if I were working on my own House and I treat every Homeowner the way I want to be treated when I work with a Contractor on my own Home.

Our Motto: "SLM is a Small Business committed to Quality Work, Fair pricing and Punctuality.

Jackie V. 12/14/2015

"Angie's List providers are known for their excellent service, but Barrett Blow of SLM goes well beyond Angie's standards. It's easy to see why he has so many Angie's Awards and so many positive reviews. Barrett not only knows roofing down to the smallest nail, but his customer service sets the standard by which all others should be judged, although even the best would fare poorly compared to Barrett.
When I called Barrett, he returned my call promptly and we arranged a time to meet so he could look at the roof. He arrive a few minutes early, not late like some contractors. The 33 year old roof had withstood hurricanes, two tornadoes, and lots of hail, but it had finally developed a leak which required the old "bucket under the leak."
After examining the roof and the resultant leak, Barrett sat down with us and showed us the GAF shingles. He didn't try to pressure us into buying the most expensive. Instead, he left us with a brochure and a link to the GAF website. We looked at all the shingles by color and price and made our selection. He thoroughly answered all our questions. I later called him with more questions, which he patiently answered, making sure i understood what he was telling me. Additionally, Barrett wanted us to be sure of our choice, so on his next visit, he left us several large sample sheets of shingles we could hold against the house to see if we liked the color. We looked at them under different lights and made our final decision.
Barrett told us most contractors use only four nails per shingle, which can let high winds tear them off more easily. He insists on using six nails for complete protection. He also uses a higher grade of felt under the shingles for even better impermeability. He takes great pride in his work.
We agreed on a price that was more than fair. Because it was raining so much and he had quite a few other jobs, Barrett told us it might take a week or two, possibly more, before he could install the new roof. However, he showed my husband how to put an effective tarp over the leak spot to stop the water from coming in.
Barrett stayed in regular contact with us and tried to work us in as soon as possible because of the leak. He called us a few days before the 17th and said he was going to try to get our roof done on the 17th. Because of the constant rain, he kept us updated with a "go-no go".
On the morning of the 17th, Barrett made the decision that with his best crew he could probably get the roof done. He would work in sections so if the storms became too bad, the whole roof wouldn't be torn off and open to water damage
Again, Barrett and his crew arrived promptly. I'm not sure whether those guys were human or a giant machine because they set to work at light speed. The old shingles came flying off just ahead of the new ones being applied. Barrett uses hand-nailed construction because he says an experienced roofer can drive the nails much more consistently than a gun, and can allow for irregularities in the shingles or the felt or plywood. He was, as usual, quite right.
Those guys kept working. I never saw them sitting around or disappearing. They were always hustling. We had one brief downpour, but it occurred while the crew was eating lunch. They waited it out and when it slowed to a sprinkle, were right back up on the roof. They got it done with remarkable speed and then continued to clean up. They didn't let the old shingles and felt accumulate and hit my bushes and trees. They kept everything clean as they went and were very careful not to damage my garden or other plants. When they were finished, they completed the cleanup and then used a magnetic roller several times to get up as many nails as possible. When they left, the yard was cleaner than before they came. We checked the driveway and there were no nails on it. Of course, no one can get every nail but Barrett and his crew certainly did their best.
Barrett later returned to install the covers on the gutters. As always, he kept in touch with us and arrived promptly. His crew completely cleaned the gutters and made sure they were secure. It didn't take them very long to complete the installation.
Barrett called later to see if we were pleased with his work. We assured him we were more than pleased. We had a bad rainstorm and the roof and gutters did their jobs.
For quality, promptness, and real customer service, you can't beat Barrett Blow and SLM. "

Company Response:
WOW, WOW AND WOW!!! What a review!!!
It has taken me awhile to respond here on AL, I was SPEECHLESS---
I called you and we spoke on the phone about this Great review. I expressed then on the phone and I'll post here now on Angie's List what a pleasure it was working for both you and your husband. You both truly are some of the nicest Homeowners I have ever worked with on any type of Job. My crew and I loved your Chicken and Dumplings and your courtesy and the kind way you treated every one of us!
Thank you so much for the most detailed and kindest review SLM has ever received.
Thank you for the "Page of Happiness" placement. When I get a review like this one, I know and believe we've done our Job and we've done our Job the SLM way: 100% Homeowner satisfaction is our #1 goal. So again I thank you sincerely for the greatest review and remind you that SLM will always be available for you if and when you need any roof or gutter repairs.
Our Motto: "SLM is a Small Business committed to Quality Work, Fair Pricing and Punctuality"

Nancy L. 12/5/2015
"Barrett came out soon after I called. He assessed the problem and said it was fixed the same day. After the next rain it was still leaking. He responded quickly and took care of the problem. So far I have not had any more trouble. He and his crew are very polite and professional. I would recommend them for any roof problems. They stand by their work. I know it is difficult to locate a leak but they worked until they found it."

Company Response:
Thank you so much for working with us and taking the time to leave a review on Angie's List! I consider it a good days' work when we are able to identify and fix a homeowners roof problems. SLM Residential Roofing LLC is a dependable company. We strive to repair the damage on the first try, but sometimes it takes a second visit to determine the extent of the repair needed.
Here, at SLM Residential Roofing, our motto is, "SLM is a Small Business Committed to Quality Work, Fair Pricing and Punctuality."
Please call me anytime you have roofing or gutter needs!

James S. 11/21/2015
"Repaired storm damage to shingles and hole in roof. After recent storms, we had three softball-sized holes in the roof and shingle damage. The roofer patched the decking, replaced the tech shield and repaired the shingles."

Company Response:
Thanks for the glowing review! .I am so glad that we were able to address and correct all of the damage on your roof. When I hear from you that SLM did its job well, I am truly humbled.

Member Comments:
"We are very satisfied with the work. It is raining today and I went in the attic to verify the integrity of the patches, and you cannot even tell there had previously been holes in the roof.'

Phil D. 11/13/2015
"Contacted SLM Residential services regarding roof repair due to damage from squirrels. We had previously used SLM in 2014 to install gutters on our home and we very pleased with the quality of work and the price. When contacted regarding the roof repair, owner Barrett Blow advised that he and his roofing crew were in our area and could come to our residence within the hour. It is noted that we had previously called two other contractors; one would not be able to come to our home for over a week and the other provided a very high estimate for the work required. Barrett reviewed the damage to the roof, provided a very fair price for the work required and once accepted, completed the repairs that day. Barrett remained on site while the repairs were completed. His crew were very professional and efficient. As squirrels had also damaged several roof jacks, these were replaced also at a very reasonable price. Overall, we were very pleased with the work performed and the professionalism and knowledge exhibited by Barrett.'

Company Response: Page of Happiness!!! Thank you for very much for the great review and for the "Page of Happiness" placement. When I get a review with comments about the work SLM performs for a Homeowner that is complementary, it really does MAKE MY DAY! 100% Homeowner satisfaction is our #1 goal. So again I thank you sincerely for the great review and will be here if and when you need SLM again.

Phil M. 11/6/2015
"The job went perfectly. As much as a roof leak is a pain, being able to get Barrett and his company out to fix it takes a lot of the anxiety out of the problem. I have used them before on another house and would use them again. They are professional, courteous and reasonable on price. Barrett is responsive and his guys do a very good job. I wholeheartedly endorse him and his company.'

Company Response:
Thanks again for trusting SLM with your roofing needs.
You have become a very loyal customer and I believe working for you is like working for a good friend. In the past 6 months you've referred a friend to SLM, then hired us for your home and this week we completed work on one of the properties you own. It truly does make my day when I'm able to read reviews like this one and to have people like you as one of our clients.
Relationships with the Homeowners, is the key reasons we are still in business when many other small businesses fail. I'm a very grateful man to have like-minded people working on my team to serve Homeowners like you.

Kytrena T. 10/24/2015
"SLM (Barrett) was totally professional, showed up on time, performed the work very well with no surprises. He also worked with our insurance company to minimize our amount of work needed, and to expedite the insurance payment.'

Company Response:
Thanks for the awesome review! I really do Love my job, it's very satisfying to hear from you that SLM did it's job well.

Sarah M. 10/11/2015
"I would highly recommend his company
Barrett and his team put a new roof on our house.'

Company Response:
Thank you very very much for this great review and putting it on Angie's List so quickly! It was a sincere pleasure working with you and your wife on replacing your hail damaged roof. The hospitality you showed to my crew was unexpected, but truly appreciated. Customers like you make my job enjoyable. Here, at SLM Residential Roofing, our motto is, "SLM is a Small Business Committed to Quality Work, Fair Pricing and Punctuality."

Member Comments:
"SLM was AMAZING! Barrett was very quick to respond and quick to act, just what we needed! His team was professional and worked until they got the job done. He went above and beyond even pressure washing our driveway and getting a painter out to fix a few areas where the paint was falling off. I would recommend Barrett and his team again in a heartbeat! Thank you!'

Valerie B. 9/30/2015
"Barrett and two of his workmen arrived on a Friday afternoon with a storm approaching and quickly assessed the issue with our roof. We had previously been told by a different company that our roof was hail-damaged and should be replaced. The insurance adjuster that came out after that to process the claim found no evidence of hail damage and in fact thought our roof looked quite new, however after some repairs to our chimney it had not been flashed correctly. I called Barrett looking for a more honest company and was very pleased with the outcome.
He had his crew take many photos of the affected area before commencing work and gave me a couple of options for repair. The work was completed quickly and to a high standard, with his guys finishing up after 6pm on a Friday just before the rain hit.
I was impressed with Barrett's professionalism, and the efficiency and communication of his company. His office manager called us ahead of time to let us know when they would arrive, and was able to supply me with a digital invoice and online billing while Barrett was still at the house.
I would not hesitate to recommend Barrett and SLM to anyone needing roofing work, they were a pleasure to do business with.'

Company Response:
Wow! Page of Happiness! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Here at SLM Residential Services, our motto is, "SLM is a small business committed to quality work, fair pricing and punctuality." Our unspoken motto is our commitment to honesty, accuracy and complete homeowner satisfaction. No job is too small!
I am so grateful for your glowing review! Reviews like this let me know that SLM Residential Services is doing its job for you, the homeowner.
Thank you for taking the time to leave us feedback! If you ever do need a new roof, SLM Residential Roofing will take good care of you! Thank you once more for the Page of Happiness and call SLM anytime you have roofing or gutter needs.

Keith B. 9/21/2015
"Barrett prompt, personally started job and did walk around after job completion. Patio and driveway free of nails and Barrett personally cleaned driveway and a/c slab and window sills outside. Crew of 8; finished in one and a half-days where other roofers take 2-4 days to complete; staff courteous. Would definitely use again.'

Company Response:
Thanks for the great review!
As the owner of SLM Residential Services, I know the importance of being involved with the homeowner and the roofing crew. We all work as a team and that formula seems to be working for SLM Residential Services. I truly enjoy my work. I love getting involved with even the most mundane tasks.
Our motto is "SLM is a Small Business Committed to Quality Work, Fair Pricing, and Punctuality".

Liana G. 9/2/2015
SLM Residential was wonderful to work with. Their work is excellent. Barrett, the owner, was on time for appointments and kept me undated on the work's progress and made sure the work was completed to my satisfaction. He is genuinely interested in providing quality work. They delivered as promised. I generally don't give out glowing reports, but SLM earned this one. I would highly recommend this company!

Company Response:
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! Here at SLM Residential Services our #1 goal is homeowner satisfaction. Our motto is "SLM is a Small Business Committed to Quality Work, Fair Pricing, and Punctuality". Reviews like this tell me, the owner of SLM Residential Services, that we are doing our job and our homeowners do indeed recognize and appreciate it. I can tell everyone how great SLM Residential Services is but the greatest testimony is from you, the homeowner. Thanks again for the great review.

Joe H. 8/28/2015
We had SLM install 200' of 6" seamless gutters plus 92' of Expanded Wire Gutter Guards and all the required downspouts on our home for $2,800. The gutters look great and perform well. We had our gutters wrap around and drain from the side so they are not too obvious. We had a pesky roof leak from a faulty installed furnace stack and another leak from old flashing. SLM came out and professionally repaired and replaced these items and painted them to match our roof - then gave us a 3 year warranty on their work - all for $475 !. Barrett Blow has proven himself to be devoted to quick response and customer satisfaction! I would highly recommend SLM for any roofing, painting or guttering needs.

Company Response:
Thanks for all "A"s. Please call on us again if you have any Roofing or Gutters needs. Thank you for the kind words about my business and for taking the time to publish them here on Angie's List. You and your wife were a pleasure to serve.

Member Comments:
My husband wanted gutters on the house so I went to my "go to" source which is Angie's List. Found SLM Residential Services and could not be happier. They worked around our schedule since we decided to paint the house before the gutters went up. We had some roof work that needed to be done due to gutters not be on the house years ago and SLM completed that work for us as well which was great! We had gutters installed on the front of the house but plan on having the entire house done in a couple of months because it looks so great.

Alli T. 8/21/2015
Barrett was great, professional and down to earth. Dealing with contractors is always a hassle and they almost never complete the job as they say. I have to say that SLM completed everything they said they would on the day scheduled and it looks great! I will definitely use them again and refer them to everyone.

Company Response:
WOW-------PAGE OF HAPPINESS!!!!! Thank you, Thank you and Thank you. SLM has been very fortunate keeping a pretty full schedule of jobs to perform. We try very hard to work at the Homeowners pace. It was our pleasure working with you and within your schedule..... Thanks for all "A"s. Please call on us again if you have any Roofing or Gutters needs

Char R. 8/21/2015
roof inspection he walked the roof as I watched he took pictures |and showed me what needed to be done. fixed nail pops and other |minor shingles fixes covered under the 99. will use again.

Company Response:
Thanks for purchasing the $99.00 "Big Deal" on Angie's List and thank you for the nice review, all "A"s. that's awesome.

Dennis M. 8/14/2015
SLM inspected our roof for weak spots and holes, then made the necessary repairs, matching the existing shingles perfectly. They were very professional and upfront with the problems in our roof, and even showed us pictures of all the places that needed attention. The work was done in a very timely manner and we are extremely pleased with the results.

Company Response:
Yes pictures are worth a thousand words, we wanted to be sure before we started the job so that you as the Homeowner knew exactly what the scope of work would be and how much it would cost.

Ledzung K. 8/6/2015
They did a very good job.i will hire them again.

Company Response:
Thanks for hiring SLM Residential Service again for your roof needs. We appreciated your business last year installing new gutters on your home. Repeat business is the highest compliment a service provider can get, so thank you for trusting SLM again and thanks for this review. Call us for any of your Roofing or Gutter needs. Youre a very nice lady and a pleasure to work for.

Don T. 7/30/2015
Asked for inspection of the roof for hail damage. Very through with the inspection & gave me a great deal of information, answered all my questions. If there is any roof work to be done, he will be the one to do it.

Company Response:
Thanks for all "A"s . Please call on us again if you have any Roofing or Gutters needs

Robert I. 7/7/2015
Barrett did an excellent job on our roof. He was prompt and kept in touch with me prior to my appointment. He called an hour before coming and performed all work as quoted. Great company

Company Response:
Thanks for all "A"s

Member Comments:
Complete inspection of roof and fixed several areas where shingles were lifting for the cost of the deal. Also replaced some vent caps (5, I think) for an additional fee. That part was a little over priced in my opinion, but they were already there and had the parts needed so it went quick. I did get the feeling that those "upsells" were the reason for the $99 deal they offer but overall I was still very happy.

Amy H. 6/5/2015
They were quick, professional and did a good job. Also were very good at communicating with me several times in getting the appointment set up. I would use them again.

Company Response:
To the Homeowner in Montgomery Texas: Thank you very much for taking the time to leave SLM a review and a double thank you for giving us all "A"s.. Professionalism and communications with our Homeowners keep all jobs running smoothly and without any surprises so I am pleased to know you appreciated these aspect of our services because our #1 goal is 100% Homeowner satisfaction.

Chris B. 5/14/2015
I am very happy with all services performed. Barrett and his team were always on time and exceeded expectations on the quality of work. He communicated with me very clearly and I had no surprises. I have yet to find a contractor that is as thorough as Barrett. I am so happy with the quality of my roof that I have found myself wondering outside the past couple days just to admire my new roof. His team is very experienced and I can tell that based on the shingle weaving technique they used on my valleys instead of metal. I will be using SLM Residential services in the future for my gutters and will be referring them to all family and friends. Also, I wanted to mention that Barrett also owned SLM Residential Roofing previously and had more glowing reviews under his previous name. Thanks Barrett for the A+++ work!!

Company Response:
To the Homeowner [Member Contact Information Removed]:
Thank you very much for all "A"s. And thanks for being a repeat customer. Professionalism and communications are the key ingredients to a smooth running job. My roofing crew is one of the BEST in the industry and I am very lucky to have them, they work hard, they pay attention to all details small and big and they enjoy their work. Thanks again for the review and the future work. I will have your gutter estimate to you this coming week. We look forward to working with you again.

Dana L. 5/14/2015
They replaced the entire roof on my house. They did it in one long day. The workers were very skilled and appeared to know their trade. The result looks very good.

Company Response:
To the Homeowner in The Woodlands: Thanks for the reviews and the comments.

Edward D. 5/10/2015
Installed in a few hours excellent quality work best bang for the buck in terms of curb appeal

Company Response:
To the Homeowner in Houston: Thanks for the reviews and the comments and the repeat business. I'm sure your GAF complete "Weather Stopper roofing system" we installed with a radiant barrier added some curb appeal too. .

John C. 4/29/2015
Contacted Mr. Barrett Blow and requested a quote for replacing the gutters on house. Mr. Blow came by within a couple of days to look at the project and discuss various options. The job was pretty straight forward, take down the old gutters and put up new ones, except a short section of a 1 x 6 board needed to be replaced and painted before installing new gutters. Mr. Blow had the employee that would do the job came out to make sure replacing the piece of fascia would not be a problem. Determined that was something they could handle and very shortly I received a detailed quote which I accepted. The job was scheduled and completed on the first day that this area received a break from the rain. The installation went well, very professional, and looks nice on the house. The old gutters were taken away and absolutely no mess left in the yard.

To the Homeowner in Spring:
Wow!!! Page of Happiness!! Thank you very much for the feedback and the grades. This is why I LOVE MY JOB!!.

Deanna Z. 4/25/2015
I was very pleased with the installation process and the look of the gutters afterwards. In addition, the next day we had a huge rainstorm and the gutters did not overflow or do anything negative...they just did what they were supposed to do. I definitely recommend this company and will use them again if needed for gutter or roofing work. I don't really know how competitive the price was because they are the only ones I talked to about it.

Company Response:
To the Homeowner in [member information removed]: Thanks for the great comments and I am very happy the gutters are performing as we discussed.

Phil M. 4/24/2015
It went very well. The inspection was done quickly and pictures were taken to show the damaged areas. There was a bit of initial confusion about what areas needed to be done, but the confusion was cleared up quickly and satisfactorily. They performed the work quickly, cleaned up promptly and were not a disruption to the business while the work was being done. The price was a good deal and got what could have been a bigger mess promptly dealt with

To the Business Owner in The Woodlands:
Thanks for the reviews and the "Page of Happiness" please call on us again for all of your roofing or gutter needs.

Member Comments:
Roof inspection, minor maintenance. We then extended the work based on what was found. They did a terrific job, and accommodated our schedule. Great job!

Todd M. 4/20/2015
Very well. They arrived punctually, were specific and honest about the work to be done, and did a terrific job.

Company Response:
To the Homeowner in [member information removed]: Thanks for the great comments and for taking the time to tell other homeowners about the experience you had with SLM. Please call on us again for any of your roofing or gutter needs.

Constance E. 4/16/2015
Mr. Blow and his assistant checked my roof for any problems and told me that I needed to have gutters due to poor drainage in some areas. They also cleaned the two small pieces of gutter that were built with the house, for free. I will have them back for some more work on a few projects when time and weather permits for me. Very nice and very professional.

To the Homeowner in Cypress:
Call on us when you are ready! Thanks for the review.

Laurie N. 3/31/2015
It went absolutely wonderful. I paid 800 dollars more for the extra work we had to do and it was still a wonderful price so I was okay with that. They were quality workers and timely. I like their workmanship.

To the Homeowner in The Woodlands:
We appreciate the feedback and all "A"s. It was a pleasure serving you please call on us for all of your roofing or gutter needs..

Chris W. 4/8/2015
I got the 50ft of 5 inch gutters for $175 which is a very good deal but of course most people will need more than 50ft but additional feet were only $5 per foot. Barrett came out and gave me an estimate for gutters on the back of my house. I have a lot of short a lot of short sections on my house and Barrett listened to my concerns and was very thorough in explaining my options. I was not there when the work was done but when I came home the work was done and looked great. There was a small section that did not get done because of a miscommunication but Barrett said that he would send someone out to do the small section the next time he had a job that used the same color of gutters. Sure enough in a few days someone came out and finished the job. I would have no problem recommending SLM Residential Services to anyone. Barrett wants the customer to be happy so if you have any issues just call Barrett and he will make it right.

Company Response:
Page of Happiness---Thank you, Thank you and Thank you. It truly makes my day when I see SLM nominated for The Page of Happiness it tells me to keep doing what we're doing it also confirms how easy it is to grow my Business--just do the right thing--Quality Work at a Fair Price!!

John K. 4/7/2015
They arrived about 1:30p.m., owner Barrett Blow and two worker (Michael and Jose) and went to work immediately. Inspected the roof and then went to the area where I had reported the leak near the Chimney. Mr. Barrett and Michael went into the attic and viewed the reported leak. They next determined how to repair it. They removed some shingles and redid the flashing and put new shingles back. Mr. Barrett explained and showed me what caused the leak, he was very informative and took the time to show me how the leak started and how he would repair it to prevent if from reoccurring. Mr. Barrett and his men completed the repair in about one hour. They are very through and left no garbage. They are very professional and know what they are doing. I rate Mr. Barrett Blow and his crew excellent, professional, and excellent value for the work done.

Company Response:
Page of Happiness!!!--YEA!!!!! Thank you very much for the great review. I am very proud of our entire Team of roofers. With over 90 years combined experience we usual can find any leak. It was very nice working with you and your wife. Please call on us again if any of our service are needed. Thanks again.

Terri J. 4/1/2015
SLM did an excellent job and they were very professional, courteous and good communicators.

Company Response:
Thanks for all "A's" call on us again for any of your Home Gutter, Roofing, Paint or Siding repair or replacement needs.

Don G. 3/31/2015
We had some trouble getting the service scheduled, but when it got done, they were on time, did the work in a professional manner, blew the leaves off the roof, and were gone in a couple of hours. The work looks good from the ground, the men were polite, and I am happy

Company Response:
Thanks for the review and sorry about the delays in scheduling. SLM's work load has increased and at a rapid pace so we are having a little growing pain--no complaint on my end however it has put a little strain on scheduling though. I have addressed the issue by hiring additional office staff and decreased my coverage areas. SLM #1 Goal is and has always been 100% Homeowner satisfaction. "SLM is a Small Business committed to Quality Work, Fair pricing and PUNCTUALITY". Thanks for trusting SLM with your Home project.

Jessica P. 3/26/2015
Spoke to the office several times to get the service scheduled. They were always very nice and accommodating. Barrett was very nice and informative at the time of service and they worked quickly.

Company Response:
Thank you for all A's. Our #1 goal is 100% Homeowner satisfaction. Please call on us for any of your Roofing, Gutter, Hardie Siding, Painting or drywall needs.

John R. 3/21/2015
The entire experience went flawlessly. Barrett Blow was the contact person for me. He was a true gentleman and did an awesome job. He came by as planned, measured everything, twice discussed all options which included educating me on the benefits and costs of different gutter systems, materials, and designs. He left me sample chips to review to choose color. He was very thorough, professional and timely. The job was done perfectly well. He even followed up with me to be sure I was satisfied. I'd give the entire experience an A+++. I highly recommend him.

Company Response:
Thanks for the GREAT review and also for the "Page of Happiness" nomination. SLM tries very, very hard to please each and every one of our Customers and we appreciate all feedback from our Homeowner.. Please call on us again if any of our services are needed.

Robert B. 3/7/2015
The job was done fantastically, very professional. Barrett was at the job the majority of the time to ensure that everything was done to his standards. I could not have asked for anything more and I will certainly use him again for future service.

Company Response:
---PAGE OF HAPPINESS !!!!--- WOW!!!!. To the Homeowner in Kingwood: Thank you, Thank you and Thank you for the very nice comments and the "Page of Happiness" nomination. It was a pleasure working with you and we look forward to working with you again. We'll see you at least 3 times over the next 2 years as part of the VIP Roof Inspection Coupon you purchased for $159. Thanks again!!

Raymond - Spring, TX 77379
"Barrett was extremely professional, laid out all the options clearly, described his prices and services accurately. His crew was pleasant and very efficient. They got the job done in a day, and it looks terrific."

Sommerville - Magnolia, TX - 77354
"In addition to the owner, Barrett, being a first-rate professional himself, he holds everyone who works for him to the same high standards. His crew showed up on time as promised, were very courteous and made the porch look like new. They made sure I was completely satisfied with the work and did an excellent job cleaning up after themselves. Fantastic communication and follow-up. I will definitely use this provider in the future"

Meleana - Conroe, TX 77302
"Barrett was extremely professional, laid out all the options clearly, described his prices and services accurately. His crew was pleasant and very efficient. They got the job done in a day, and it looks terrific"

Michael - Houston - 77007
"SLM demonstrated excellent customer service. The owner, Barrett Blow, worked with me to make sure that everything was done to my satisfaction. He and his team were punctual, professional and got the job done right!"

Troy Snelling - Houston 77079

"We had our entire house fitted with new Hardie Plank. SLM tore off all old siding and gutters and replaced all our siding, facia and soffit. *They were the best contractor I have ever worked with. They arrived on time, announced their arrival, cleaned every day and announced their daily departure. The owner and workers were absolutely committed to our satisfaction. I have had several of my neighbors comment on how great the workmanship is. I received 4 bids from Angie's List siding contractors and SLM was in line with the other bids. We are very satisfied and highly recommend SLM."

Bennett - SPRING TX 77379
" Barrett was very thorough and extremely diligent. He located hidden issues that we were unaware of and corrected them on the spot. Every repair was explained so that we had a full understanding of the issue. We would definitely use SLM Roofing again. We feel confident our money was well spent. SLM showed up on time and ready with all the necessary equipment and parts needed. A reminder call was given the day before which was appreciated. Very professional company."

Dianne - HOUSTON TX 77056
" I contacted SLM to get a quote for replacing my hail-damaged roof. Barrett Blow immediately contacted me to set up an appointment to assess the damage and provide an estimate. He showed up exactly when he said he would and followed up by dropping off roofing samples & estimates for different grades/styles of roofing materials. He followed up with me to answer my questions and help me determine the best direction for me. He also explained exactly what the replacement process would involve - and the process went exactly as he said it would go. The night before the roof was to be replaced, SLM dropped off all the supplies on the side of my driveway which I indicated would be more convenient for me. His crew showed up at 8 am on 9/23 and were completely finished and the work site cleaned up to perfection by the time I arrived home from work at 5:30 that same day. Barrett joined his crew to do a walk-through to look for any landscape issues, nails, etc. - there were no issues. Then I joined Barrett to do the same walk through - I had absolutely no complaints and in fact have only high praise to offer Barrett and his crew supervisor Tim. If there were a grade higher than "A", I would award that grade to Barrett and SLM."

Kirk - SPRING TX 77379
" When SLM Roofing said they would be at my house at two, the truck rolled up right on time. In less than thirty minutes the contractor had the shingles in the damaged area removed, the rotted decking cut out and repaired and the replacement shingles laced back into the original roof. The repair work is virtually undetectable with the naked eye!

Furthermore, the cost of the repair was fair and exactly as discussed. When the job was finished the guys picked up every tiny scrap of debris from the job and headed to their next destination. In short, SLM Roofing provided sterling service in the repair of my roof, and I would not hesitate to recommend them, or rely on them for service in the future."

Barbara - HOUSTON TX 77070
" SLM ranks high among the BBB, Angie's List and other accreditation agencies. He was the third contractor I called with glowing qualifications. The difference was his focus, management style and integrity. I knew I would offer him the contract the day he provided the estimate. This integrity was evidenced by the companys desire to meet my individualized needs with excellence. By that, I mean Barrett does exactly what he says he will do and more, he is always available to the homeowner and his workforce and on the job almost every day. When I call or email he answers immediately. His workers are courteous, skilled and cleaned up each day. The work has changed the quality of my life for more than the next 30 years. SLM exceeded my expectations. For up to date, skilled and excellent workmanship, rely on SLM."

Renee - HOUSTON TX 77036
" Great overall experience - they did the repairs on the scheduled day, even calling me before showing up. This is a rental property of mine and they took photos of additinal damage that they discovered. Barrett went out of his way to explain to me the damage and email me photos. As a property owner living in another city, that was very convenient for me. I will definitely use them again."

Steven - TOMBALL TX 77375
" I have to admit that I was really uneasy at the thought of having to hire a contractor to replace my roof. One hears so many stories of jobs that were thrown together, not completed or just plain sloppy work. Plus you know that a roof is not going to be cheap, but still can't be ignored. When I call SLM Mr. Blow was very knowledgeable and professional in dealing with my situation. He showed up on time for the estimate and e-mailed it to me the same day. He spent time with me explaining what he could do, what he recommended and options that I had. He also referred me to the maufacturer's website where I could learn about the products myself and at least have a basic understanding of the process and materials and make up my own mind as to what I wanted to do. He spent time with me examining the attic and explaining where he could install a ridge on the roof to aid in reducing the heat in the attic.

When his crew showed up for work, they were polite and prompt. Completed the work in a timely manner and did a beautiful job on the roof. Clean up of materials could not have been better. My neighbor who had just replaced his roof a year ago was also very impressed with their work.

Painting is the next item on my to do list. SLM will be the first company I call for an estimate."

Tamara - CONROE TX 77304
" I found SLM through Angie's List. SLM Roofing had the best ratings for our area on Angie's list. I called him and about 4 other roofers. Barrett called me back promptly, within a few hours of my initial inquiry. He came out and gave us a bid as soon as our schedule would allow. He was very professional, informative and punctual. As soon as we picked out the color he got the ball rolling on ordering the products and scheduling our install. He was very patient with me while waiting on me to pick colors and final details. There was absolutely no pressure from him when he came out to give us the estimate and he was very informative. After we picked the colors he scheduled our install but unfortunately the rain came. Barrett called us in advance to give us a heads up that the install might not take place but had everything ready to go regardless. As soon as the rain allowed he and his crew were out here first thing in the morning. Because of the rain they had to finish the job on Saturday. Barrett and his crew were so respectful of our home that he even went so far as to ask if we would like them to start later in the morning on Saturday so it would not disturb us on our day off; eventhough his workers would be pushed to work later in the day on their day off and during the hotter part of the day. Overall SLM's consideration of their customers and expertise in craftmanship are what impressed us the most. We will absolutely use them again and recommend them to anyone who needs a new roof. Thank you, SLM."

Steve - HOUSTON TX 77024
" After reading various reviews, I called SLM and I am glad I did.

The owner came out at the appointed time to assess the problem and provide an estimate for repair. He thoroughly described what he saw as the problem (corroded flashing) and what he would do to fix it. He provided a base price and a contingency amount in case any surprises turned up. Both prices were very reasonable. I engaged him for the repair and we agreed on a day and time for the repair to take place.

He showed up with his crew as agreed and got right to work. It was clear that the repair crew were regular employees of the company and not day laborers. The owner had a good rapport with the crew. While he directed their activities, they all discussed what they were finding as they were pulling out the corroded flashing and mutually agreed on a path forward. The owner clearly respected the crew's opinions.

There were indeed some surprises but they dealt with them as they arose and in the end did a very professional job. They had to remove some old aluminum siding, hand-shape several metal flashing pieces to fit the odd shape and work location, and then replace the siding. They seemed prepared for various contingencies, as they went back to their truck a few times for new tools and repair materials. The owner was apologetic that the replaced old siding was a little beat up, but I thought the repair looked good. They thoroughly cleaned up the work site when they were done.

The final price fell neatly between the base and contingency estimates.

There have been some heavy rains since the repair was made but no new leakage has yet been detected.

I am extremely pleased with the work performed by SLM and the manner in which it was performed. I highly recommend this company."

Robert - CYPRESS TX 77429
" Barret Blow was responsive to my initial call, came out and gave an immediate estimate. Showed up when promised. Two workers finished the job in 2 hours, as promised. Work done looked good, although we have not had rain since, so not sure. Baret took lots of digital pictures before and after. Clean up was very good, no issues at all. As the roof is nearing the end of its life anyway, I asked for a rough estimate to replace, which he gave, and it seemed reasonable. While the work done this time was minor repair and cosmetic clean, I would not hesitate to ask him for a formal bid for the bigger job when the time comes."

Chris - TOMBALL TX 77375
" I emailed Barrett (owner) from the Angie's list website on a weekend and within 2 hours he had responded to my email and came out personally the next day to give me an estimate on the work I needed done. I had a set budget that I could work with and Barrett worked with me to make sure I could get everything done I really needed within my budget. Barrett was involved with the project from start to finish and made sure the work was Top Notch! His workers showed up on time and had the work completed quicker than I expected. Once the job was completed Barret walked through everything with me and even noticed something I hadn't and had his guy out quickly to correct it. I will be returning to SLM Roofing to have more work done on my house and I will be telling all of my friends about them. It's hard to find a contractor you can trust but with Barrett I didn't feel like I had anything to worry about. SLM Roofing is a GREAT company that does GREAT work for a GREAT PRICE!! "

Kendra - HOUSTON TX 77081
" To follow is how it went overall:

(Actual letter to SLM)

I write to you to express my overwhelming satisfaction with the job SLM Residential Roofing completed at my residence. I appreciate the competitive bid I received and the quality of the work that was performed. I know without a doubt superior products and craftsmanship were used. I was most impressed with the timeliness of the workers, their cleanliness at the completion of each job, and that you were present whenever workers were in my home. I had complete confidence that my home and belongings were secure.

I will not hesitate to recommend SLM Residential Roofing to friends or family. I assure you that I have shown the work off to both my co-workers and other residents at Glenmont Place Townhomes. Ive received nothing but compliments about the work and detail. I stand by decision to hire SLM Residential Roofing and look forward to future projects with you and your team.

Thank you for a job well done. Please extend my thanks and gratitude to all that were involved. I am enjoying every bit of it and will continue to enjoy it for some time to come."

Marjorie - SPRING TX 77379
" We had three leak problems--
1. Around skylight in master bath
2. Leak in upstairs bedroom from the metal roof cap
3. Rainwater into the commode area in master bath
Barrett and his crew showed up exactly when he said he would. He told us and then showed us the problem and solution for all three areas. The 3rd area was actually a carpentry problem rather than a roofing problem and he advised us how it also can be repaired. Very professional and reasonable. I definitely recommend SLM! "

David - HOUSTON TX 77041
" GREAT, called them at 2:00 p.m., they arrived 3.5 hours later and installed the new vent. They also clean up completely after doing their work. I will definitely call them first for any other roof work."
Dennis - THE WOODLANDS TX 77382

" I found SLM on Angies List, after the insurance company's recommendation was way on the other side of Houston, too far in my opinion if there were any problems. I contacted Barrett Blow of SLM by phone and email and he and I met the next day. That was less than two weeks ago and today I have a new roof, bettter than the original. Mr. Blow did not try to sell me upgrades, but just made me aware of what was available for not much more money, and I now have the best conventional shingle roof I have ever seen. I recommend without hesitation SLM; they hand-nail the shingles, do excellent clean-up after the job, and want to be sure the homeowner is satisfied. Top quality, fair price, and promptness. I feel lucky I used SLM and Angies List."

David - HOUSTON TX 77041
" They did everything they said they would do. They came in and did it all in one afternoon. They got down to it and got after it. The only thing was that when I was looking before they left they forgot to put the rafter in that was supposed to go between the two 3-foot-apart rafters. So I had to remind them to do that. They were excellent. They showed up when they said they would and they did the work. They went around and sealed any shingles that might have been blown up during a hurricane. They also resealed all the vents through the roof to make sure that everything was sealed up."

Scott - SPRING TX 77379
" Barrett, the owner, was very professional and involved in the entire project. He spent a lot of time during the estimate portion of the job giving advice and answering questions and continued to stay involved during the installation. The installation crew was prompt, did a great job and were very tidy, professional and courteous. They cleaned up the entire area around our house after the job (during a rainfall) of all used shingles and spent nails. Although they were not the cheapest contractor who bid on the job, they did a great job and we are pleased with their work. I recommend SLM roofing without reservation."

Paul - HOUSTON TX 77068
" Everything went very well. The owner returned our call promptly. He and his workman were always on time. They were very cordial and courteous. The price was reasonable and the workmanship was very professional."

Bill - SPRING TX 77379
" I was ecstatic with the professionalism of the owner. He returned all of my calls within 10 minutes with answers to my questions and calculations & documentation to justify his comments. They arrived on time with all equipment required for the task. I firmly believe that I received a great deal more service for the price I paid. I would HIGHLY recommend this company for any roofing work!"

NOTE: I had placed a call to the top 5 Angie's list roofers and the only one to return my call was SLM. I am sure it is due to the small amount of work required. Otherwise they were too busy or arrogant.I was ecstatic with the professionalism of the owner. He returned all of my calls within 10 minutes with answers to my questions and calculations & documentation to justify his comments. They arrived on time with all equipment required for the task. I firmly believe that I received a great deal more service for the price I paid. I would HIGHLY recommend this company for any roofing work! "
Jacque - TOMBALL TX 77375

" SLM ranks at the top of my list of the best home/repair contractors I've used as a homeowner over the last 25 years. During the cost estimate through actual repair work phases, they were responsive, communicative, clear about exactly what work and materials would be used (the detail in their job estimate was far and above what one typically gets from contractors) and followed through with their commitments. They also offered a two year guarantee on their work. Barrett diligently supervised the work at the start and end of the job to insure that that job was done as promised and correctly. The work was done efficiently. I am obsessively picky about anything and everything, and I cannot find one thing to complain about this company or the job they did for me. SLM gets my highest recommendation. I will definitely have them at the top of a list of roofers when the time comes to select a company to re-roof my entire home."

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